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Splendid Flora - A1 Transfer

Splendid Flora - A1 Transfer

£45.00 Regular Price
£31.50Sale Price


Splendid Flora

This small design is made up of 16x A4 sheets to create  2 x A1 size.

All of the A1 collaboration transfers come in sheets in a package and not rolled in a tube. 


MINT by Michelle and Grace on Design have come together to bring a vibrant and collaborative line of transfers. Proving that beauty happens when you put artists first. and business second.

Each transfer is made up of unique parts that can be used alone, layered together or applied in our ready made designs. We created these beautiful images with a passion to empower the artist.



1. If your piece is painted make sure paint is dry.

     Make sure area is clean and dust free. 

2. Peel backing off release paper.

3. Position where desiried and press down to adhere. Place adhesive side on area you wish to apply image.

4. Using applicator rub on top of release paper until image has transferred to desired object.

5. Peel release paper off.

6. Burnish (rub gently with your fingers) the image to check adhesive as well as getting any air bubbles out. 

7. You're done!!  Isn't it fabulous

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