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Scrubby soap

Scrubby soap


Scrubby Soap is here in the UK!  A natural soap infused with natural biodegradable citrus oils. no harsh synthetic cleaning agents. Scrubby Soap combines citrus oil, natural soap and a scrubber infused within the soap for the ultimate dirt removal. Use it on yourself and scrub your hands clean, then use it on your brushes and tools!
* Dirt
* Grime
* Oil
* Paint
* Brushes - cleans & Conditions 
Who uses Scrubby Soap?
*  Artists & Painters - removes paint from your body,  
* Cleans and conditions paint brushes, makeup brushes too!
* Gardeners - removes dirt & sap
* Mechanics - removes dirt, grease, & oil
* Kitchens - removes tough grease from pots & pans
* Fishing - removes fish oil & odor from hands
Why Use Scrubby?
The bottom line is that a SCRUBBY makes your hands feel really fresh and clean! Secondly, it's made of an all natural soap formula. Even more, the scrubber infused in our bar just makes cleaning easier!
Scrubby is best stored on a soap dish with scrubber side down.
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