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Opulent Florals Middy Transfer by Redesign with Prima

Opulent Florals Middy Transfer by Redesign with Prima


Opulent Florals Middy Transfer by Redesign With Prima is an exquisite arrangement of beautiful blue blooms just waiting to adorn your next project.

With a dazzling mix of regal purples, cool blues, and peaceful greens, “Opulent Florals” is simply breathtaking! Use one, or all three sheets, to add stunning color and design to your next project!

Decor Transfer which can be used on walls, furniture, wood, mirrors and glass!


Smaller footprint, huge impact! 8.5” x 11” Middy Decor Transfers® offer the same high quality as standard transfers with a smaller size perfect for detailed projects, smaller pieces and more! Simply peel, rub-on and transfer a beautifully detailed design to transform your next piece into a work of art.


Re-invent your living space, furniture and design projects with this extremely easy-to-use product.


To Use: Peel backing sheet from transfer and set on prepared surface. Rub on transfer with included stick or Transfer Tool. Remove top sheet and burnish with soft cloth. Seal, if desired, with water-based poly or wax.


Size: 8.5” x 11”, cut into 3 sheets.


For speedy and even application, try the Transfer Tool by Redesign. One of their HOTTEST tools, it’s an essential element for achieving perfect Décor Transfer® results by aiding a smooth and easy application. Featuring a double-ended design, try this unique tool with Decoupage Papers, as well as for applying in tight nooks and crannies.


Please note colours can vary due to differing screen resolutions.

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