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841mm x 594mm (APPROX. A1 SIZE)

Approx 23" x 33"

"The sun is rising, and a new day is breaking over the bay. I sit in the lighthouse eating my breakfast, having just milked the cows and fed the chickens.  Although I am solitary, I am never lonely. Operating a lighthouse and having this amazing farm life on the bay is the best life I could want to live."


No more mess, no more fuss and no more wrinkles! FIG papers are the easiest decoupage paper you will ever apply, requiring no glue, water or heat. 

1. Simply peel the backing sheet down enough to stick to the surface of your project.

2. Using an applicator tool or soft cloth, smooth the image onto your project, working from the middle out to each side.

3. Slowly peel the backing paper away as you go, until your image is completely adhered.

4. To seal your image, use a good quality water based topcoat or wax. Do not use any oil based products over your image.

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