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Iridescent Mermaid Sunrise - Aussie Decor Mica Powder

Iridescent Mermaid Sunrise - Aussie Decor Mica Powder


Aussie Dust in 50gm (1.76 oz) jars.

Iridescent Mermaid Sunrise - Mica Powder is cosmetic grade.


There are six beautiful colours whcih compliment our decoupage and trasnfer range.


Aussie dust uses:

Decorate furniture, apply to fabric, resin,wood, glass,leather, pu-leather, metal and just about other surface you can think of.

Simply mix Aussie Dust with varnish, top coat, waxes and other mediato achieve different effects.

Add more or less mica powder to suit your requiremnets of coverage.



1. If mixing with top coat, we recommend you use a gloss finish, that is more fiuld and thin. If  you use a thicker top coat for example Dixie Belle Satin you will have to use more mica powder due to the thicker consistency.

2. Always apply a Gloss Top Coat not Flat or Matte as it will dull the delicious shine of the mica powder. 






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