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Blanket /Linen Box

Blanket /Linen Box


This stunning pine blanket box can serve as a coffee table, chest, ottoman or trunk. Crafted from high-quality pine wood, this farmhouse-style furniture piece is a unique addition to any home. The spacious interior provides ample storage for your blankets, linens, and other household items. The box is painted in a beautiful shade of red that adds a touch of colour to your living space. This item is perfect for those who love upcycled furniture and want to add a touch of individuality to their home decor. Repurposed furniture saves filling landfill which is great for the environment. This piece has decoupaged motifs on the front and sides with pretty flowers added to the top to add interest when closed. The blanket box shows signs of its previous life which adds to its appeal. The interior has been nourished with an orange essence balm to enhance its appearance and add a lovely scent.

44 cm wide

75 cm long

47 cm high

This piece can be picked up or a courier can be recommended.

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