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Alabaster Alcohol Ink Poster  Print

Alabaster Alcohol Ink Poster Print


This has to be seen to be appreciated .

Alabaster Alcohol Ink Poster Print is like a waft of smoke floating through the air. So soft, so beautiful. Brought together with some copper tone splashes.

Nothing else on the market like it.!! Only Aussie brings you these guaranteed show stoppers!

This extra large poster print is 50cm x 90cm x0.02cm /23.62” x 35.43” 0.2mm thick, comes with a water resistant film on the front to protect the print, giving a long lasting durability.


We have curated this range of alcohol inkesque posters to pair seamlessly with our new Aussie Mica Dust Colours. Check them out they are  match made in heaven.



This print works amazingly well with DIAMOND SILVER Mica Dust.



  • Plan the placement of your poster on your project.
  • Apply PVA glue to the back of the print and directly onto your project surface with a brush or a roller.
  • Place your poster on your project and smoothing out any air bubbles using our blue tool.
  • Push the air bubbles out from the center of your project towards the edges using the felt side of our blue tool. This will ensure that you do not damage the surface of your print.
  • Your print comes with a protective film so ony the edges and any cuts or penetrations piercing the protective film will require sealing. If you would like to seal the print, to achieve the same finish, to achive the same finish as your project then apply one thin coat water of polyurethane sealer or top coat of your choice before applying any other finishes.
  • DO NOT apply PVA glue to the print surface as you woud with decoupage papers.
  • DO NOT apply any irons, heat or water. 
  • ALWAYS use a WATER BASED sealer or TOP COAT 



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